Social Lead Generation Call Scripts Answer Phone

Hi this is [your name] with [your dealership]. I’m calling because we received your information

from our Facebook ad that you saw in your news feed and clicked on. If I told you I have a way

to get you financed on a quality vehicle with payments that are built around your budget would

you be interested in learning more?

(Most people will say no and hang up, but for those that say yesJ

Great! [Go more into detail about what your dealership does and how your services can benefit

your prospective customer]. [Leading question here].

(At this point you’ll probably have some more drop off, but more people will likely say yes to

the leading question as they are absolutely qualified as a person dealing with credit challenges.)

Perfect. We’re a small family owned dealership located in [city, state] We’d love to meet with

you and learn more about your automotive needs and goals. Are you thinking soon or down

the road?

[If soon] Great were you thinking today or tomorrow? Morning or Afternoon? Great I have [2

times set on hour time with :15, :30, or :45 added] available which would be best for you?

Great to confirm we have set this appointment to meet at [reconfirm appointment]. If for any

reason you are running late or have something come up, no big deal, feel free to text, call or let

me know and I will do the same for you, how does that sound?

If they answer no, ask for another date/time that would work. If they then say they’re not

interested, thank them for their time, and ask them one more question. If I would have a small

to medium sized SUV come in with lower miles and at a great price would you want to hear

about that opportunity?

[If yes] Oh, really, great what is your email and best texting number so I can reach out when

that becomes available? And believe it or not I do have something similar coming in soon, are

you sure you don’t want to come talk and just learn a little more about our program?

[If no] No problem, again thanks for your time, if you ever need anything from me or us do not

hesitate to reach out. Have a great day!

Social Lead Generation Call Scripts Voicemail

Hello, my name is [Your name] with [your dealership] I’m calling because we received your

information from our Facebook ad that you saw in your news feed and clicked on. I just wanted

to follow up quickly and extend an offer for us to help walk you through why our financing

program is overwhelming the choice for those who need automotive credit. We can absolutely

help with you in a manner that is comfortable and often successful. If you truly are looking for

automotive credit you cannot afford to not call me back. Call me [name] at [contact

information] thanks so much and have a great day!

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